Treignac, a French land of mystery !

Will the French village « Treignac » in « Corrèze » be your next travel destination ? 

This is the true story of a man who lived near hardly damaged Middle-Age vestiges. But he didn’t know about it. How can someone make such a discovery nowadays ? What if you got the answer while travelling in a land of mystery ? 

A matter of authenticity :

« Treignac » is first of all a very peaceful township surrounded by nature. This haven of peace is located below the forest massif of « Monédières », which is really abrupt and  wild. And it overhangs at the same time the Gorge of the vivid River « La Vézère ». Just imagine the sweet melody of the water singing over a never-ending bed of pebbles. Just imagine you left behind you the whole pressure of the modern life. If you’re looking for an amazing show of essentiality, you are exactly in the best location. 

This untamed and genuine place raises like a whole range of all ages. The charm of the old is indeed probably what strikes you at first sight. This medieval city still displays a bridge (it was built in the 13th century), an observation tower (which dates back six centuries), a corn exchange, churches, chapels and half-timbered houses. 

The predominating stone, the verdant nature, the constant song of the river. All these assets led to a sought-after reward : the « Cités de caractère » label. 

Source image : Wikipédia

A quirky story in an unordinary place :

In fact, an inhabitant made this extraordinary discovery in very common circumstances. He decided in September that it was high time to clean up his yard. A thick vegetation had invaded the garden for decades. Behind trees and huge copses of wild grasses, ruins hove into view as an incredible  and moving testimony from the past

Some oak trees were 150 years old. That’s why no inhabitant knew about this hidden treasure. There is no possible doubt about the origin of these ruins. A castle was in fact built in the village during the 11th century. These stones are the deans of human achievements there. 

Quite surprising they’re were found long after other historic monuments. Isn’t it ? 

The owner of the garden is also the secretary of the association « les amis du Vieux-Pont de Treignac », which is actively involved in the maintenance and restoration of the vestiges in Treignac. He naturally decided to give access to this place after archaeological excavation. 

Thanks to the volunteers’involvement, the discovery has already given an extra soul to the village. No need thus to wait before living a unique experience in this must-visit medieval high-place

Is your suitcase packed ? 

If you want more information about this unique village, you can connect to its website : .

You can contact the town hall directly :

©Treignac in Corrèze, French touristic high-place, by Isalys Roux

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